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7 Picnic Spots In Calgary To Soak Up The Sunshine With Your BFF

These are the days we live for. Now that the sun is out, the last thing you want to do is eat indoors. Once it is warm enough for t-shirts that means that it is the start of the picnic season. It is time to grab your blanket and text your BFF and head to one of our local parks to enjoy all that sunshine. To help you figure out where to go, we've made a list of the seven best picnic spots in Calgary to hang out under the sun.

Just picture it, a lazy day of throwing a frisbee and eating snacks. Or, you could always grab a book and enjoy a change of scenery. You don't want to waste the gorgeous weather by spending all day at home.

We are also a big fan of picnics as a budget-friendly date night. It couldn't be easier. Pack your special someone's favourite treats, and you set up for an unforgettable romantic time.

Sure it isn't a five-star restaurant. But honestly, we think dining surrounded by cute ducklings swimming in a pond and blooming flowers is even better.

In no particular order, these local favourite hidden spots in the city are where you'll want to lay down your picnic blanket this summer.

Prairie Winds Park

Address: 223 Castleridge Blvd. N.E., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Forget your regular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. At this park, you'll find a tandoori oven that you can use to make a tasty feast with your friends.

We don't know about you, but the thought of trying the tandoori has us eager to leave our apartment.

Riley Park

Address: 800 12 St. N.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: This city center greenspace is so easy to get to, even if you don't have a car. Nearby you can pick up some snacks and then spread out your blanket for a lazy day outdoors.

Shouldice Park

Address: 4900 Monserrat Dr. N.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Do you burn after being outside for two seconds? Then you'll be happy to picnic at Shouldice Park under towering trees that offer ample shade.

Bowness Park

Address: 8900 48 Ave. N.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Head here for a cute date spot that won't break the bank. After your lunch of sandwiches and sweets, you can rent a go on a romantic paddle boat ride together.

Canmore Park

Address: 2020 Chicoutimi Dr. N.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: It is an excellent spot for people-watching, or just lounging in the sunshine with a good book.

If it is toasty out, the spray park here is a fun way to cool down and feel like a kid.

Prince's Island Park

Address: 4 St. S.W. and 1 Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: This stunning park is one of the best spots for a picnic in town. You can find gorgeous flowers and adorable ducks in the pond too.

Stanley Park

Address: 4011 1A St. S.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Another local favourite for picnicking in the park as you can enjoy the waterfront view.

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