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7 Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend In Alberta

For a lot of couples, deciding what to do on date night can be the most difficult decision (if not most difficult, it falls shortly after the "what should we eat?" debate). If you've been together long enough, it might start to feel like you've done everything there is to do in your city, at least twice.

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Sometimes the best date ideas require you to get out of your comfort zone, and your city. Alberta is full of beautiful sights and things to do, so a road trip might be just what you need. Save yourself some drama, and check out this awesome list to plan the sweetest surprise date for your girlfriend. 

1. Big Rock Erratic // Okotoks

The world's largest known glacial erratic. These massive rocks stand out clearly from the flat, prairie landscape around them, making them fun to explore and climb.

2. Medicine Lake // Jasper

Not only is this place super beautiful, it's also very mysterious. Every fall the lake drains itself without any reason. You can go back twice a year for two different views.

3. World's First UFO Landing Pad // Saint Paul

If you're into supernatural stuff, this is basically a dream come true. Built in 1967, the landing pad contains a time capsule to be open in 2067, on it's 100th anniversary. There's also an information centre, if you've ever wanted to learn more about UFOs.

4. Nemiscam

Does your girlfriend love ghost towns? Nemiscam had a whopping population of two people, and is now the resting place of six abandoned buildings, including a school house and a cemetery.

5. Johnston Canyon // Banff

If you've ever needed motivation to go on a hike, the beautiful views around Johnston Canyon should be reason enough to go.

6. Miette Hot Springs // Jasper

Alberta's hot springs options may be more limited than other provinces, but this one is worth the drive. The Miette Hot Springs are the hottest that you'll find in the Canadian Rockies, and has some of the most beautiful views.

7. Hoodoos // Drumheller

Formed 70-75 million years ago, it's a wonder these guys are still in such great shape. Hunt for dinosaur bones, or hike around the hoodoos as you soak up the sun.

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