8 Calgary Places To Take Your Significant Other That Will Gain You Their Love Forever

It's officially cuffing season. And while cuddling and Netflix and chill is great; it's always a great idea to "wow" your boo every once in a while. Keep things interesting, mix it up a little. And I don't mean dinner and movie.

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Calgary has a large selection of fun date ideas and places to take your significant other that'll most likely win their hearts. From romantic picnics to escape rooms - you'll be guaranteed to have a good time and maybe even be named "the best bae ever"!

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Lloyd's Roller Rink // 7520 Macleod Trail S

In for some retro rollerskating fun? Take your s/o to Lloyd's Roller Rink! While this date will take a little skill and balance, falling on your face together might be awfully romantic!

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Cuisine et Chateau // 103 - 227 10 St. NW

Is bae a total foodie? Why not take an awesome hands-on cooking class together at Cuisine et Chateau? Perfect fun for a food-lover and you'll get to enjoy a delicious meal after.

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Calgary Humane Society // 4455 110 Ave SE

If your S/O has a love for furry friends, visit/volunteer at the Calgary Humane Society! Give back with your S/O while you get to interact with some super cute animals. But careful, you might end up going back home with a car full of fur babies!

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Crescent Heights

Enjoy a romantic walk or picnic at Crescent Heights. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of downtown YYC with your boo. You might wanna dress for the weather, though!

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Banff Sleigh Rides // Town of Banff (125km W of Calgary)

Take your lover on horse-drawn sleigh ride through the beautiful town of Banff. Book a private or public sleigh ride from Banff Trail Riders and win over your significant other on a date they'll never forget!

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Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Are you and your S.O. super adventurous? Try going on a hot air ballon ride with Sundance Balloons! This date will definitely win your S.O.'s love for ever and always!

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Calgary Zoo // 1300 Zoo Rd NE

Another perfect date for an animal lover. The Calgary Zoo is the classic place for a memorable date. Experience the beautiful animals of the world all in one place with that special person!

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Sky360 // Calgary Tower

If dinner is still your thing, why not do it big? Visit Sky360 and dine in the sky. Enjoy delicious food, get a beautiful view of the entire city and an even more beautiful view of your S/O.

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