With the last weeks of summer flying by, it's important to remember that you take time for yourself. Many of us spend so much of our our summer working full-time at multiple jobs, that we forget to give ourselves some much deserved vacation time.

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Lucky for you, we've just so happened to do some digging and found some of the best flight deals from YYC. Even if you can't get away before fall starts, it's never too early to start planning a fall or winter getaway.

1. Calgary to Vancouver

Price: $255

When: September 3rd - September 8th

2. Calgary to Toronto

Price: $314

When: September 28th - October 4th

3. Calgary to Seattle

Price: $221

When: October 3rd - October 8th

4. Calgary to Phoenix

Price: $364

When: September 18th - September 23rd

5. Calgary to Long Beach

Price: $280

When: October 28th - November 2nd

6. Calgary to Houston

Price: $317

When: August 9th - August 14th

7. Calgary to Miami

Price: $339

When: December 5th - December 12th

8. Calgary to New York

Price: $356

When: October 18th - October 24th