9 Beginner Hikes In Alberta That Will Give You All The Views

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9 Beginner Hikes In Alberta That Will Give You All The Views

Looking to see some of Canada's best views but not willing to give yourself a heart attack doing it? This is the list for you. From easiest to hardest, here are 9 beginner hikes in Alberta that I KNOW you can conquer.

Ranging from meandering walks ending in scenic lookouts to full-blown mountain summits, this is your ultimate guide to hiking for beginners. So grab your hiking boots, grab your water bottle, grab your coolest hiking outfit, and get on the trails. This province has ALL the views, it's up to you to go out and find them. 

Sunwapta Falls // Jasper National Park

Time: 1 hr

Length: 1 km

AMAZING waterfall views, for those who really seek a beginner’s hike. It’s not a hike so much as a short path to various viewing areas, but will reward the ‘hiker’ with views that will match even the most arduous mountain climbs

Frank Slide Trail // Frank

Time: 1 hr

Length: 1.5 km

This gravelled path through the Frank Slide is one of the more unique hikes. Although not for those seeking rustic wilderness or stunning mountain views, it allows you to really take in the grandeur and awe of the Frank Slide and its destruction. 

Johnston Canyon // Banff

Time: 2.5 hours

Length: 3 km

This trail is open all year round, and is one of the easiest hikes in the Rockies. The trails are suited for all ages and the views of the canyon are stunning. There are two different trails to take (Upper and Lower Falls), and each is about 1.5km. 

Angel Glacier // Jasper National Park

Time: 1 hours

Length: 2 km

Alright. Just look at that gorgeous photo. Is there anything else that needs to be said? This hike is short but gets you amazing close-up views of the glacier, making it perfect for beginners.

Grassi Lakes // Canmore

Time: 2 hours

Length: 4 km

This easy trail leads to a bounty of beautiful blue lakes. Open all year round, the trails are almost entirely man-made, but more rustic and natural in places. I mean c'mon, look at how reflective that water is!

Grotto Mountain // Canmore

Time: 3 hours

Length: 4 km

This hike is great for those that don’t like elevation climbs (unless you're into ice climbing). It is also super cool because there are ancient pictographs near the waterfalls at the beginning of the hike. It too is accessible all year round. 

Valley Of The Five Lakes // Jasper National Park

Time: 2 hours

Length: 4.5 km

Is it just me or does that lake look like it belongs in Australia? This trail is well marked but rustic, and is moderately populated. Bring your hiking boots for this one. 

Ha Ling Peak // Canmore

Time: 3 hours

Length: 5.6 km

Ok, this hike is tough for beginners, but I promise you it is SO worth it. The climb is steep, but the views at the top looking over Canmore are second to none. Bring water for this one.

Mount Yamnuska // Canmore

Time: 4 hours

Length: 7 km

This is your graduation hike. If you can do this hike, you are officially past the "beginner" label. You can stop whenever you want as the views are amazing only a third of the way up, but for the brave and willing there are some cool chain-handled narrow traverses to conquer that will lead you to the summit.