Every city has it's claim to fame, no matter if that claim is the places or the people. A lot of big time actors and/or musicians come from some of the smallest towns that you may have never even heard of.

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Although Alberta hasn't uncovered any Drakes or Justin Biebers, we have been home to quite a few super talented people. Take a look at our list, and see how many surprise you:

1. Tommy Chong of "Cheech & Chong"

Chong was born in Edmonton, and later moved to Calgary. He actually dropped out of Crescent Heights High School when he was 16 and later turned to the entertainment industry.

2. Tricia Helfer

Model and actress Tricia Helfer was born and raised in Donalda, Alberta. She worked on her family's grain farm before being discovered by a model scout at age 17. Helfer is best known for her modelling work, and her role in the re-imagined Battlestar Gallactica.

3. Nathan Fillion

Richard Castle is an Albertan? Who would've thought. Fillion grew up in Edmonton, and attended both Concordia, and UofA.

4. Joni Mitchell 

Singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell grew up in Fort Macleod. She is one of Canada's most reputable folk musicians, best known for songs such as "Big Yellow Taxi" and "Woodstock".

5. Tegan and Sara Quin

This dynamic, indie-rock, twin duo was born in Calgary. They're arguably some of the most talented musicians to come out of Alberta, having won three Juno Awards in 2014.

6. Jarome Iginla

The long time captain of the Calgary Flames was actually born and raised in Alberta. Iginla initially lived in Edmonton, but later moved to St. Albert.

7. Ted Cruz

2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz was actually born in Calgary. He later gave up his Canadian citizenship in order to participate in U.S. politics.

8. Brett Kissel

This up and coming country singer was born and raised in Flat Lake. He's already won a Juno Award, and has performed with big names in country music, like Brad Paisley.

9. Terry Chen

Chen has been featured in shows such as House of Cards and The 100. He was born in Edmonton, but later relocated to BC. Chen is also a very talented musician.