You don't need to speak French to understand poutine. Quebec has given us one of the most enjoyable foods we have ever tasted. As if fries, cheese and gravy weren't already delicious on their own, together they are a power trio that is basically the best thing since sliced bread.

However, word on the street is, to get the best poutine, you have to go to Montreal. While I wouldn't dare argue that with a Montrealer, (Not that I could if I even wanted to, the most French I know is what I've learned from the song, "Lady Marmalade") - I think Calgary might be able to satisfy the Poutine FOMO and possibly save you some airfare. Even outside of our annual "Poutine Week."

Here are 9 places to get poutine in YYC if you're like me and too broke to go to Montreal, (and also illiterate when it comes to French/Quebecois)

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The Big Cheese Poutinerie // 738 17 Ave SW

Second Location: 207 10 St NW

The most insane poutine menu. Who knew you could do so much with fries, gravy & cheese curds.

Naina's Kitchen // 8-2808 Ogden Road SE

Regular, pulled pork, chicken and more - Naina's kitchen makes poutine the right way.

Charcut // 899 Centre Street SW #101

You'll surely feel like you're in Montreal with the poutine at Charcut.

Fryday // 4105 4 St NW

The poutine at Fryday is a work of art. Not only is it delicious, it's also beautiful.

Symons Roadhouse // 14555 Symons Valley Rd NW

The butter chicken poutine at Symons Roadhouse is to die for.

Vendome Cafe // 940 2 Ave NW

Breakfast poutines, for the win!

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Flipp'n Burgers // 330 10 St NW

Second Location: 2308 4 St SW

Flipp'n good poutine.

Alberta King of Subs // 7196 Temple Dr NE

King of subs, king of poutine.

Laurier Lounge // 1111 7 Street SW

Obviously this French-Canadian restaurant would fulfill your Montreal poutine FOMO.