Being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be. We're kind of just thrown into adulting without any warning or consent. No one told us about working endless hours, mortgage, debt, taxes, and having to eat meals that consist of more than just cookies. Sometimes you want to just be taken back to the times of Saturday morning cartoons and dinosaur shaped chicken fingers.

Luckily for us, there are many opportunities for us to be a kid for a day in Calgary. You can feel free to drop all the stresses of adulthood and have your only worry be the insane stomach ache you'll get after all the sugar you've consumed. Enjoy some sober mindless fun and visit these 9 places that'll make you feel a solid 10 - 20 years younger.

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Calaway Park // 245033 Range Rd 33

Nothing brings the feeling of pure youth like a day at an amusement park. Grab your overalls, propeller hat, and converse and spend the day eating ice cream and riding on all the amusement park rides like a true kid. And the best part? No parents around to tell you that you've had enough ice cream.

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Boxcar Board Game Cafe // #100 1215 - 1 St SW

What's more exciting than board games and baked goods? Relive your childhood by playing your favourite board games like Monopoly, Battleship, Candyland, and many more! However, please remember that you are a still a full-grown adult and try not be a sore loser or throw a temper tantrum.

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Laser Quest // 9950 Macleod Tr SE

Laser Tag is every 7-year-old's dream activity, so obviously as an 18 to twenty-something, you'll eat this shit up. Even though being an adult sucks, the years of laser tag experience you have under your belt definitely doesn't.

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Candy/Sweet Shops

Nothing says I'm an 8-year-old like a nice set of cavities. Visit some of Calgary's best sweet shops to satisfy your sweet tooth and relive the days where your health was the least of your concerns when it came to picking meals. Maybe take it a step further and indulge in the world of chocolate. Chocolate-covered gummy worms for dinner, anyone?

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Lloyd’s Roller Rink // 7520 Macleod Trail SE

Reminisce the 80s roller/disco era at Lloyd's Roller Rink! Choose between roller skates or in-line skates and skate the night away to Lloyd's amazing skate playlists.

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Monster Mini Golf // 2020 32 Ave NE

Monster Mini Golf is one of the most fun places to bring out your inner kid. While golf is a little bland - Monster Mini Golf takes the game to whole new level. And a rather spooky one at that!

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Flying Squirrel // 572 Aero Dr NE #105

Take it back to the days of jumping on the bed at Flying Squirrel! This massive indoor trampoline park will have you running, jumping, flipping, and doing all the things you weren't really allowed to in the house.

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Kayben Farms // 316034 32 St E (Okotoks)

It's all fun and games (and animals!) at Kayben Farms! Kayben Farms is every farm-animal lover's dream place. From horses to goats, Kayben gives you an adorable petting zoo experience with many of farm-themed games to match.

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Chuck E. Cheese // 2612 32 St NE

Everyone knows Chuck E. Cheese was the spot. I refuse to refer to it as "Chuck E. Cheese's" - I will not give in to this Mandela Effect. Be the ultimate kid, stack up your tokens and tickets and a enjoy the world of arcade games at Chuck E. Cheese. (The pizza there is also ridiculously good.)