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9 Reasons Why You Need A Calgary Boyfriend In Your Life

Just like Calgary girls, Calgary guys are definitely gems. They are basically Prince Charmings ready to sweep you off your feet, onto your horse and carriage, and ride off into the sunset... living happily ever after. (Or drive off into the Rocky Mountains in their truck where you'll go on a nice hike - but essentially the same thing.)

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But in all seriousness, Calgary guys are way more than nice trucks, nice hair, hockey sticks and dad bods. From being a dog lover to the ultimate adventure partner, what more could you possibly ask for? Here's 9 reasons why you need a YYC boyfriend in your life.

He probably drives a truck.

What's sexier than a guy who drives a huge truck? Many Calgarian guys have the nicest trucks you've ever seen. They're usually big and spacious, leaving lots of room for your dog to join in on any of your adventures. A downside might be that he cares about his truck just a little bit more than anything else in the world. (but don't worry, he won't actually tell you that)

He's your handyman.

If there's something we know about Calgarian guys, it's that they always seem to make the best handymen. Whether you need someone to give your car a long-overdue oil change or you need someone to put together your IKEA furniture, Calgary men really know their stuff when it comes to working with their hands.

He will never fear the snow.

Calgary winters are no match for a Calgary guy. It's never too cold for him, which is a plus side for us because they are always willing to give you their jacket/sweater when it's too cold for you. (a.k.a. he makes stealing his clothes easy.) He'll also always come to your rescue when you need to push your car out 300 feet of snow.

He is extremely chivalrous.

Chivalry definitely isn't dead in Calgary guys. From holding doors when you go out to killing any spider in sight (even if it's outside), he will definitely be one of the best boyfriends ever. He will also carry your drunk ass home from Cowboys and be sure to leave out [some] of the embarrassing things you did.

He's sporty AF.

Calgary guys are usually super into sports whether it's hockey, basketball, soccer or football - they are really into their sports. Which is amazing for many reasons like teaching you how to not completely suck at shooting a basketball or catching a football, telling you exactly which teams you are NOT cheering for during sports events and my personal favorite... having sports player bods. ?

You will always have a Stampede partner.

Your Calgary guy will always be down to go to Stampede with you. ...All 10 days of it. You'll never have to worry about finding a Stampede partner again. Or finding someone to get drunk with for 10 days straight. (And boy, does he look fine in a Cowboy hat.)

You will always have someone with you who knows how to line dance #yycpride

[Almost] every Calgary guy knows how to line dance. They pretty much teach it to you in "Phys. Ed" in Grade 5. He'll be able to get down to "Cotton Eyed Joe" every time it comes on. You'll probably be the cutest couple at Cowboys, no big deal.

He has a great sense of humour.

Calgary boys are hilarious, trust me on this. They will literally have you cracking up at all times. And nothing is better than being around someone who can make you laugh. However, you might want to educate yourself on some of their lingo or else you might not get some of the jokes.

He is always down for an adventure.

It is never a dull moment with a Calgary boy. You can trust that you won't be "Netflix and Chill"-ing for the entire course of your relationship. They grew up around the Rockies and all of Alberta's beautiful scenery and they will definitely want to enjoy that with you. Get ready for some serious hikes, dirtbike/quad adventures, hunting and so much more. They'll have you experiencing Alberta like never before.

Co-written by: Delainey Lockett

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