We get it. Although we live just an hour and a bit away from some of the most gorgeous mountains in the world (I'm not biased I swear), sometimes it's just too expensive and too time-consuming to get out there. Gas is at $1.20, and that definitely adds up when you're driving 125km to Banff National Park and back.

So why not put your wallet at ease and check out some of the best parks right here in your own backyard? Calgary is just teaming with gorgeous parks, complete with trails, rivers, and forests. Whether you're looking for a spot for a picnic, a spot to set up camp for the day with a cozy book, or a spot to practice your downward dog, here are 9 super scenic parks in Calgary that you need to check out this summer: 

1. Edworthy Park

Where: 5050 Spruce Dr SW

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The best part about this park is definitely the views. There's an upper and lower part of the park, and the upper park is a dog run that has panoramic views of the entire city (plus you get to see some cute af dogs). The lower part of the park is riverside and just as gorgeous but in a different way!

2. Griffith Woods Park

Where: 160 Discovery Ridge Blvd SW

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This forested park is a popular swimming spot with the youngins. There are lots of different swimming hole spots to choose from, and with dozens of different trails, it's easy to get immersed in the beautiful nature. It's the perfect spot to hang with a bunch of friends on a hot sunny day!

3. Bowmont Park

Where: 85 St NW

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Situated on the Bow River, this park has amazing views and is the perfect spot to hang if you are planning to take a dip. The lush greenery and wildflowers make it a beautiful spot for a photoshoot too!

4. Carburn Park

Where: 67 Riverview Dr SE

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Known for its stunning sunrise and sunset photos, Carburn park is one of the most peaceful spots in the city. There is also known to be lots of wildlife in the area, with deer sightings happening nearly every single day.

5. Confederation Park

Where: 905 30 Ave NW

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If you're looking for some sprawling greens to set up a super romantic picnic with bae (queue flashback to Troy and Gabriella's picnic on the golf course in HSM2), then this is the perfect park for you. It has little streams and babbling brooks all around, making it super peaceful.

6. North Glenmore Park

Where: 7305 Crowchild Trail SW

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North Glenmore Park is the perfect place to bring your bicycle for a peaceful ride at sunset, or maybe bring your running shoes for a run with a view. It's a relatively popular park, with lots of families enjoying the nice weather.

8. Nose Hill Park

Where: 5620 14 St NW

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Nose Hill Park is one of the largest parks in Calgary. It has amazing views of the entire city and is the perfect place to bring your hyper dog to tire them out on a ball-chasing afternoon. Also a great spot for a Sunday bike ride!

9. Sandy Beach Park

Where: 4500 14a St SW

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Last but certainly not least, Sandy Beach Park might just take the cake for the prettiest park in Calgs. With ridges, downtown skyline views, and spots for tanning riverside in the sun, this place has it all. Plus dogs.