Do you or your friends love gorgeous mountain views but would rather take a gondola up to get them? Are you or your friends more apt to wear running shoes than hiking boots on a trail? Or perhaps you just need a warm up hike to get you in the mood (and shape) for summer hiking? This is the article for you.

Alberta is practically bursting with amazing hikes of all levels, which means it definitely has something in store for you. Whether you're in the mood for lakes, waterfalls, or forests, this list has it all, so get out and take advantage of the beautiful natural beauty of our province! 

1. Grassi Lakes // Canmore

Distance: 3.2km

Elevation Gain: 173m

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I promise you that the water at Grassi Lakes is the most gorgeous water you have or will ever see in your life. It is crystal clear and makes you feel like you're in Australia or something. There are two options for getting here - the easy, wide open trail or the more difficult trail (which has better views).

2. Johnston Canyon // Banff

Distance: 3km

Elevation Gain: 130m

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Don't have hiking boots? This is the trail for you, as most of it is boardwalks overlooking the stunning canyon below. There is an Upper Falls route and a Lower Falls Route, so you can either do one or the other, or both!

3. Grotto Canyon // Exshaw

Distance: 54km

Elevation Gain: 225m

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The Grotto Canyon hike has A+ mountain views along with a waterfall somewhere along the trail. AKA, it has everything your little hiking heart desires. Don't forget your camera for this one!

4. Bear's Hump // Waterton

Distance: 2.8km

Elevation Gain: 225m

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Bear's Hump hike in Waterton Lakes National Park is absolutely breathtaking. With stunning views of the lake and town below, this viewpoint is bound to be on your Instagram feed (probably more than once tbh).

5. Troll Falls // Kananaskis

Distance: 3.4km

Elevation Gain: 151m

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I was going to make a "don't go chasing waterfalls" joke, but thought I'd give you a break. Unless that counted as one...whoops. Anyways, Troll Falls is a beautiful forest hike with ending views of a huge waterfall, which is the perfect way to cool off if you go on a hot day!

6. Tunnel Mountain // Banff

Distance: 4.3km

Elevation Gain: 300m

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This stunning hike is popular for a reason. CLimbing up the iconic Tunnel Mountain will give you stunning views of Banff town below as well as the surrounding mountains. Perfect for someone spending the day right in Banff!

7. Path of the Angel Glacier // Jasper

Distance: 1.6km

Elevation Gain: 85m

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Need to knock off seeing a glacier off your bucket list before global warming melts them all? This is the hike for you. Since the trailhead of this hike begins at a high elevation, make sure to bring your jacket, as it is colder up here than down in the town!

8. Peyto Lake // Banff

Distance: 2.6km

Elevation Gain: 80m

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The Peyto Lake hike is the shortest hike but definitely has the best views (win/win)! The stunning Peyto Lake is the most gorgeous hue of blue you've ever seen. The viewpoint can get a little crowded, but often the second viewpoint is deserted, so keep on trucking!

9. Maligne Canyon // Jasper

Distance: 2.1km

Elevation Gain: 387m

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Maligne Canyon Loop Trail is a moderately trafficked hike with a mellow forest setting that opens up for views of the infamous Maligne Canyon. You even get to walk over it on a bridge!