A Skip Driver Named Jesus Delivered To A Calgary Church & Their Reaction Is Everything

A Calgary Skip The Dishes Driver Named Jesus Delivered To A Church & They Were Pumped

Sometimes the universe just throws us the perfectly-timed coincidence we needed to see. In this case, a Calgary Skip The Dishes order resulted in an adorable, humourous, wholesome tweet that everyone needs to know about. When Hillhurst United church in Calgary ordered Vietnamese food on Skip The Dishes, they were delighted at the sight of the delivery driver's name: Jesus.

The church tweeted about the delivery on Thursday, February 27. “When you're working late and order Skip to the church and find out Jesus is on the way. #blessed,” they wrote, adding the perfectly-suited prayer hands emoji. 

Hillhurst United also shared a screenshot of the delivery notice which, indeed, informed them that “Jesus is on the way to Vietnam Fortune Restaurant.”

From the screenshot, you can see that Jesus has been delivering with Skip since October 2019 and has delivered 272 orders as a driver.

One of the comments on the church’s Twitter post makes this whole situation so much sweeter.

“Question: if he accidentally forgets the napkins in his car, and has to make a second trip, would that be The Second Coming?” asked the Twitter user.

Another comment took the opportunity to give Hillhurst Church a shining review.

He wrote “Hillhurst United is a lovely church. I've been to some events there and everyone from the congregation is a delight.” Truly, this scene couldn’t get any more wholesome.

We're delighted to share that this isn't the only wholesome Skip The Dishes coincidence that we've come across recently.

from Calgary

Another Calgarian posted to Reddit, showing that their driver was on their way to McDonald's. In this case, the driver's name was Ronald.

Ronald on the way to McDonald's. Now that is some top-shelf humour.

"This is the most excited I've been for a skip delivery," they wrote.

Calgary is gearing up for another winter "whiplash" this weekend, so Skip The Dishes might be popping off amidst the cold. As such, we eagerly await more perfect coincidences, nay, miracles such as this.

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