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A Canadian Woman Was Killed By Her Pitbull-Boxer Dog Yesterday And This Is What Will Likely Happen To The Animal

49-year-old woman and toddler attacked by dog in Langdon, Alberta.
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A Canadian Woman Was Killed By Her Pitbull-Boxer Dog Yesterday And This Is What Will Likely Happen To The Animal

Yesterday, news hit that an Alberta woman was attacked by a dog and ultimately died from the incident. Now, we've received more details on the attack, how it happened and what will likely happen to the dog. 

On Saturday, September 15th, a 49-year-old woman was killed by her own dog in Rocky View County, Alberta. According to RCMP, the pitbull-boxer dog initially attacked a three-year-old child.

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After initially attacking the toddler, the dog turned to attack its owner, the 49-year-old woman. The incident occurred around 6 PM at the owner's home near Langdon, Alberta.

The toddler has been suffering from serious but non-life threatening injuries. The woman, however, has died. Police have not confirmed the relationship between the toddler and the adult woman who died, nor has her identity been released. 

The 49-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene and the child was taken to the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary. 

According to CBC News, there were two dogs at the residence, both the dog that attacked the woman and child and the second dog have been taken away from the residence and quarantined in Calgary.

Typically after an attack, the dog will be monitored to consider if it has rabies and to verify if the victim could be infected. 

Seargent John Spaans toldCBC Newsthat after the monitoring period is over following a dog attack, it's up to the dog's owner to have the dog euthanized. In this case, the owner has passed away, so it would be up to the woman's family. 

Police can also apply through the court system to declare that the dog is dangerous to society and then it can be "destroyed".  It's not 100% guaranteed that the courts will declare that the dog should be euthanized, but it can likely happen in a case like this. 

Additionally, if the family decides to ensure that the dog will not be a threat to the community, they could potentially keep the animal. Family and friends have stated that the dog had never shown any aggression or attacked anyone before the deadly incident on Saturday evening. 


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