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A City In Canada Is Actually Going To Allow Residents To Smoke Weed In Public Areas

People in this city won't have to stay inside when weed is legal in Canada.
A City In Canada Is Actually Going To Allow Residents To Smoke Weed In Public Areas

As we all know by now marijuana will officially become legal in the middle of October this year.

What many places in Canada haven’t figured out yet though is where you’ll be allowed to smoke it. Should it be like cigarettes which you can smoke anywhere or alcohol which you can’t drink in public spaces?

Well one city in Canada has officially approved the idea of letting cannabis users smoke up in certain public spaces. 

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Calgary city council voted earlier this week to approve a plan that will see some public spaces become designated consumption areas for cannabis.

These designated areas will be found both around the city and at festivals and events. The city will now begin looking at exactly where to place these areas in the city.

As these will be designated areas you won’t be able to use cannabis everywhere, they’ll have to be at least 150 meters from schools and 100 meters from parks. 

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They’ll also need to be at least 30 meters away from people’s houses.

The city will also be setting up areas for people to use cannabis at festivals and events as well as a way to reduce “potential impacts to youth and festival goers who wish to avoid exposure to cannabis will be reduced,” it says. 

The city says that the spaces that it does choose will be 100% open air, meaning you’ll be able to lie in the sun while you’re there. 

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City councilors will now consult with people living in their ward about possible sites for these areas.  

So if you're a cannabis user in Calgary you won't need to stay in your house all the time with it.

Source: Toronto Star

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