We've seen a vast number of malls across Canada undergo a number of high-end renovations, perhaps to keep them competitive with the growing force that is e-commerce and online shopping.

Regardless of what digital retailers means for our economy, you can't deny - some of the upgrades that these malls are getting are insane - elevating these in-person shopping experiences to that of luxury and elegance.

Such is the case with the latest suave renovation taking place in Alberta. CF Market Mall in Calgary will be the latest destination for a premium movie theatre within the next year! We don't mean a ratty, second-class theatre with only one screen and some dry popcorn either.

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Landmark Cinemas will be partnering with Cadillac Fairview - owners and creators of premier shopping experiences across Canada - and opening a five-screen theatre where the Staples was previously located.

The theatre is set to be the epitome of luxury. 25,000 square feet in space and decked out with luxury recliner seating. The screens will be standing at over 25 ft. tall and span from one wall to the other. The goal is to turn CF Market Mall into a destination where shoppers can enjoy a full-day experience: morning, noon and night.

Source: Landmark Cinemas