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A Naked Man In Calgary Just Caused A Multi-Vehicle Crash While Driving A Canada Post Truck

Commuting can feel like the worst even on a day when traffic conditions are perfect. Something about sitting in the car for too long just drives people to their breaking point. 

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If you were looking for an easy commute today in Calgary, you may have found that your evening drive was hellishly delayed. That is because a man driving down Crowchild Trail caused a multi-vehicle car accident, before crashing into a convenience store. The twist? He was buck naked driving a Canada Post truck. 

@CalgaryPolice take naked driver into custody after Canada Post truck crashes into several vehicles along Crowchild Trail

July 5, 2018

The Calgary police reportedly got the call just before 5:00 PM this evening, where a bunch of people reported a Canada Post truck driving down Crowchild Trail. All the reports said that the truck was driving bizarrely. 

The driver made his way in the truck to a convenience store but ended up colliding with eight vehicles along the way. The naked man entered the convenience store and was apprehended shortly after he exited when EMS came to evaluate his condition. 

The man who drove the Canada Post truck is being described as a white male in his mid-20's and multiple people have confirmed that he was in fact fully nude. 

#yyctraffic Multi-vehicle pileup on Crowchild Trail approaching Glenmore Trail in the SB RHL & shoulder. Up to 6 involved -- emerg crews just arriving on scene.

July 4, 2018

It's still unknown if the man worked for Canada Post or just managed to commandeer the truck somehow. Talk about getting caught with your pants down! 

Source: CBC

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