Alberta Man Negotiated Selling His Home Through A Hockey Shootout Because Canada (VIDEO)

Why mess around with lawyers when you can take your business to the streets, or the rink for that matter? Recently, an Alberta man had a hockey shootout to negotiate selling his house. The awesome part is, the buyer was actually a former NHL player. It doesn’t get more Canadian than this.

Gavin Wolch was selling his home to an undisclosed buyer in Calgary, Alberta. In an interview with Narcity, Wolch said that the buyer and himself were only $3,000 apart during the last round of negotiations. Wolch was expecting the buyer to meet his price and raise their offer by $3,000.

While they could have continued to negotiate a final price, Wolch had a more light-hearted and fun take on things and Wolch asked the buyer to play in a hockey shootout! 

Wolch is no stranger to the game and played on recreational leagues. The buyer, on the other hand, had even more experience having played for the NHL.

That didn’t stop Wolch or the buyer and the shootout ensued.

“I didn’t really come up with it as a series idea. I opened my big mouth to my realtor, Daniel Weiner, when we seemed to reach an impasse after a lot of negotiating, and said something like ‘let’s just play for it’,” said Wolch to Narcity. 

Real Estate Shootout 

After the buyer did a quick Google search of Wolch to determine the competition level, the duel was on.

“I take it that means he saw nothing hockey related and figured he has good odds,” said Wolch. 

And so it happened.

If you put your money on the former NHL player to win, I’m sorry to say but you lost. During the best of 11 shootouts, Wolch actually won with 6 goals versus the buyers 4. 

When asked if the buyer went easy on Wolch, he said “not a chance. He wanted the discount.” 

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Wolch said the buyer's reactions were “entirely gracious, professional, and first-class.” No poor sportsmanship was had and the two were kind to one another afterwards. 

Due to the win, Wolch gets to charge an extra $3,000. But it doesn’t all come down to money, Wolch is happy this happened as he now has a wicked story to tell his kids! 

What a total dad move. 

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