Last week, Alberta was hit by a ton of snow! Some parts of the province experienced up to 45 cm of snow! This caused chaos throughout the province and a ton of accidents. The city of Calgary definitely got a lot of snow. There was one day last week where the city experienced 168 car crashes in one night due to a large amount of snowfall. 

This weekend, mother nature took a break and let Calgary have a break. There hasn't been any snow today or this weekend. Right now, it's relatively sunny and 11 degrees Celsius, not bad for an autumn day. However, we're being warned that another huge dump of snow is coming their way. 

The City of Calgary snow removal plan?! Wait for a Chinook!! #YYC

October 2, 2018

According to Environment Canada, heavy snow is expected on Monday and Tuesday this week. Yep, that means that there will likely be chaos on the holiday Monday. We suggest being careful on the roads and only driving if absolutely necessary. 

Hard to believe another system is headed our way. #YYC #snow

October 7, 2018

Tom Sampson, the chief of the Calgary Emergency Mangement Agency tweeted about the upcoming snowfall. The diagram that he shared on Twitter shows that some areas of Alberta might see up to 30-40 cm of snow this week! 

Here's hoping that everyone has a safe Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow! 

Source: CBC News