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17-Year-Old Calgary Skier Wins Gold At Youth Olympics For His Jaw-Dropping Stunts (VIDEO)

He was listening to Elton John before his competition. 😍
Andrew Longino Of Calgary Wins Gold At Youth Olympics For Jaw-Dropping Ski Stunts (VIDEO)

An energetic 17-year-old just took home gold at the Youth Olympics for his jaw-dropping stunts. Calgary native, Andrew Longino is now the total talk of the town for his performance during the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games. His stunts were amazing and his reaction to winning is utterly adorable. 

While most of us were playing with slap bracelets and Furbies in our teen years, this Calgary boy was training to be the best skier out there. 

Andrew Longino is a 17-year-old from Alberta who just gave us chills and took home Team Canada’s first gold medal of the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games. 

Along with this, he was also given the honour of being named the country’s closing ceremony flag bearer. 

When we say Longino dominated the competition, we mean it. In each of his three runs, the teen outdid even himself. 

During his first run, he managed to earn 87.66 points which was more than enough to secure him the medal. But Longino went above and beyond and managed to get 94 points in his final run. 

To put things into perspective for you, the second-place winner, Hunter Carey from America, locked in a score of 86 points. 

“It’s a true honour,” Longino said of being selected as Canada’s Closing Ceremony flag bearer, said the Olympic Website. “I’ve been watching the Olympics since I was a kid and to bring the flag in and lead the country into the Closing Ceremony will be very special and I feel very honoured and very lucky.”

According to the official Olympic website, in September 2019, Longino competed in his first career World Cup event as a member of the Freestyle Canada’s Next Gen team. 

Over the last several years, Longino spent most of his time competing on the Nor-Am Cup circuit and won a couple of halfpipe victories at Copper Mountain in December 2019. 

He works immensely hard on his sport. Since nine years old, the boy has been skiing and pushing the boundaries and it sure shows. 

A video of his gold-winning ski was posted on Instagram and he seriously looks like he’s defying gravity. 

Flipping through the air several times during his halfpipe performance, Longino makes it look so easy and even ends his run with a punch in the air as if that wasn’t the coolest thing ever.

In typical Canadian fashion, Longino looked humbled to accept the gold medal during the podium announcement.

In a video posted online, you can see Longino looking down as he is placed right in the middle of his two worthy opponents. 

The teen is unsure of what to do and tries to step up to the platform before he needs to and the little awkward moment has us screaming. 

After several handshakes and a gold medal later, Longino's hard work paid off and he is now the proud owner of something most can only dream of achieving. 

And just to make things even more perfect, Lingino claims he was listening to Rocketman by Elton John prior to his competition to get fired up.  

Could he be any more perfect?

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