You Can Get Insanely Decadent Hot Chocolate Masterpieces At This Calgary Cafe

Chocoholics only.
You Can Get Insanely Decadent Hot Chocolate Masterpieces At This Calgary Cafe

Don't get it twisted, we love our Timmies as much as the next Canadian but when it comes to hot chocolate we simply have higher standards. We want that rich, chocolate flavour. We want that whipped cream and we even want to flirt with decadent toppings and luxurious finishings. We've found a spot serving up the best hot chocolate in Calgary that ticks all of our boxes.

Café Du Centre is a tiny hidden gem in Mission. The cafe is inside a little house and it's hiding a tasty secret. Their hot chocolates are ultra-decadent masterpieces that only a true chocolate-lover could attempt to drink.

Going to this cafe is like escaping to Paris, if only just for an afternoon. Inside, there are chandeliers and rich decorative touches that will take you far away from your ordinary Timmies location. Plus, it's super Instagrammable and makes a great date night spot.

Hot chocolates come served in unique vessels like martini glasses, champagne flutes and even vintage china. Depending on what flavour you go for, your cup could come coated in chocolate and rolled in nuts or topped with a whisp of cotton candy. You can even do both if you're feeling extra, and we know you are. 

From affogatos and hot chocolates to cocktails and boozy coffees, you have to put this place on your Calgary bucket list. This place is especially good to visit when you're sick of the cold and you need to be reminded that there's still good in the world by sipping on their sweet chocolate nectars.

Even though you wouldn't want to pick up some of these chocolate and caramel covered delights, it's totally worth the sticky mess. 

If you love their hot chocolate and want even more sweet stuff, then Café Du Centre can hook you up with afternoon tea, too. It's the perfect way to treat your best friend on their birthday or to celebrate something special with your someone special.

Café Du Centre

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Dessert

Address: 509 22 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Treat yourself to some of the most unique drinks and decadent hot chocolates in Calgary at this cute spot. 

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