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This Epic Map Will Take You To All The Best Ice Cream Spots In Calgary

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This Epic Map Will Take You To All The Best Ice Cream Spots In Calgary

Few things say "summer in Calgary" like a walk along the Bow River with an ice cream melting in your hand. Our map will help you create more magical summer days and nights in your life this year by taking out the guess-work when it comes to where you should go for a treat.

I'm so guilty of having an incurable sweet tooth. It's almost like the moment I finish my last bite of dinner, I'm craving sugar and I start racking my brain for where I could go to get a treat. In the summer, it's so easy to go for a lazy walk after dinner and pick up a little something sugary to end my day on a sweet note. If you want to know where you can go for some of the best ice cream in the city this summer, then you are going to want to save this map!

Here are the 13 essential ice cream spots in Calgary that you'll want to hit up this summer with a map for your convenience:

Fiasco Gelato

Where: 221 19 Street SE

Fiasco Gelato is one of the biggest ice cream success stories from Calgary! Their deeply creamy and intensely flavoured gelatos have to be on your radar this summer. Their crave-worthy seasonal flavours are going to blow your mind.

Made By Marcus

Where: 1013 17th Ave SW #121

You can't talk about ice cream in Calgary without mentioning this spot. Whether you're going all-out on a unicorn sundae, trying one of their newest creations or grabbing your summer fave—you have to drop by this summer for at least a cone or two.

Lukes Drug Mart

Where: 112 4 St NE

Are you a fan of soft serve? Lukes Drug Mart is the (unexpected) place to go for this decadent treat. This is a great place to keep it simple and not get overwhelmed by choice. Spend your time wisely building your summer bucket list, not agonizing over whether you should get salted caramel or mint chip!

Uzu Taiyaki

Where: 110 2 Ave SE #1

Fish waffle ice cream cone, anyone? This radical approach to a classic cone is a welcome addition to your summer ice cream bucket list!


Where: 625 11 Ave SW

While not technically ice cream, these insane milkshakes make for one of the most decadent treats you can get this summer. Heading here is a great compromise if you're in the mood for ice cream but your friend wants to get fries!

La Diperie

Where: 500 Country Hills Blvd NE #519

The Diperie has landed in Calgary! Grab one of their unique dipped cones for a twist on an old summer classic.

Sweet Tooth

Where: 105 17 Ave SE

This spot for rolled ice cream is a must-try if you love inventive flavours and toppings! They also have good vegan options and each ice cream is beautifully presented and freshly made.


Where: 327 23 Ave SW

No matter what kind of treat you're in the mood for, you can get it here! Their ice cream in the summer is a totally decadent treat and this is only the second summer ever that you're able to get ice cream here so it's a new-ish spot to impress your friends.

Cake Bakeshop

Where: 11 McKenzie Towne Ave SE #230

Do you want a cup or a cone? Neither! If you want an ice cream taco, then Cake Bakeshop has got you. While they usually are busy baking up cupcakes, they also dip into the ice cream game so check out their social to see what their next ice cream creation will be.

Village Ice Cream

Where: Victoria Park, 431 10 Ave SE

Pretty much the most well-known place for ice cream in Calgary and worthy of the line-up, a stop at Village Ice Cream doesn't disappoint. Their coffee and earl grey flavours make me wish I could switch my morning brew for their ice cream. Alas, morning consumption of ice cream is still highly stigmatized.

DelloR Ice Cream

Where: 1309 Edmonton Trail

If you can't get enough rolled ice cream, then you have to go do DelloR this summer. Their cookies and cream ice cream is about as adorable as it is delicious.

XO Ice Cream & Waffles

Where: 808, 100 Auburn Meadows Drive Southeast

Out in Auburn Bay, this ice cream spot serves up waffles and ice cream for when you need a little more heft to your dessert. This retro-inspired shop will take you back to being a kid and it's so worth the trip.

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