Almost three weeks ago, the city of Calgary was hit with devastating news surrounding a missing mother and her daughter. On April 16, 2019, Jasmine Lovett and her daughter Aliyah Sanderson went missing. They were assumed to be the victims of a double homicide. Now, Calgary Police have released an update regarding Jasmine Lovett and Aliyah Sanderson's bodies.

According to a new Calgary Police statement, investigators located the two bodies at around 4:00 AM on May 6th, 2019. The two bodies are believed to be Lovett and Sanderson and they were located in Kananaskis. 

The investigation led officers to a heavily wooded area near Grizzly Creek located off Highway 40 where the two bodies were found. Autopsies will be conducted today. Formal identification of the bodies is expected to be done by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Officials will also be working on determining the exact cause of death for both victims. 

Following the discovery, a suspect has been taken into custody and charges are now pending. The suspect has not been named by police. According to the statement, the suspects' names will not be disclosed until charges are officially laid by the Justice of the Peace. 

Police are expecting charges to be approved later today or tomorrow at the latest. Police have been able to confirm that the suspect is the same man who was taken into custody two weeks ago. 

In order to maintain the integrity of the investigation as well as future inevitable court proceedings, police are unable to release details about how the bodies were discovered.

Following the release, the family of Lovett and Sanderson posted a public statement. In the statement posted by the Calgary police, the family expressed their gratitude to the police for diligently working on the case. They also took the time to thank the public for their ongoing support during this tragedy. 

Narcity will continue to update the public as more information becomes available.