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Brutally Honest One Sentence Descriptions Of 17 Calgary Neighbourhoods

The look you give someone when they tell you they're from Forrest Lawn.
Brutally Honest One Sentence Descriptions Of 17 Calgary Neighbourhoods

Every city has that one neighbourhood, that's known for that one really weird thing, that nobody will either let go. No matter if it's because it's super suburban, full of hipsters, or scary as shit, there's always a reason to remember it. Because Calgary is so big, we have a lot of neighbourhoods like that.

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Seeing as I've only lived in Calgs for a year, I decided to turn this article into a little game with some of my friends who've spent almost their whole lives in Calgary. I give them a neighbourhood, and they give me a brutally honest one sentence description. What do you think, how accurate are they? 😉

1. Capitol Hill

The place you go to take cliche aesthetic snapchat pics at 2 a.m.

2. Saddletowne

Probably where your plug lives.

3. Shawnessey 

Where Calgary's next best basketball player grew up.

4. Evergeen

Nothing ever happens, but everyone is rich.

5. Forrest Lawn

Not somewhere you wanna be alone past 2 a.m.

6. Midnapore 

Literally the frat boy capital of Calgary.

7. Walden

Are we even in Calgary anymore?

8. The Hamptons

The Real Housewives of Calgary.

9. Marlborough

Always walk in pairs.

10. Aspen Woods

The Upper East Side of Calgary.

11. Springbank

You might feel like you're in Arizona while you're here.

12. Lincoln Park

You're either retired, or a broke university student if you live here.

13. Kensington

You can literally smell the hipsters from 50 feet away.

14. Tuscany

That place where the C-Train ends.

15. Eau Claire

Where the rich millennials live.

16. Chaparral

The average suburban neighbourhood portrayed in every movie ever, come to life.

17. Sunalta

Where you live if you can't afford the rent downtown, but still want to seem cool.

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