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Calgarians Are Obsessed With This New Ice Cream Joint And Here’s Why

Pssst! There's a new ice cream spot in town, and you need to get in on it before everyone else does. 

It's called Sweet Haven Ice Cream, and it's everything you've ever wanted in life. If you've heard of Sweet Jesus, this is basically the Calgary equivalent. With towering soft serve cones loaded and coated with the tastiest of toppings, it's easy to see why Calgarians are already falling in love with the place. 

@sweethavenicecreamembedded via  

@sweethavenicecreamembedded via  

They serve up plenty of flavour options, such as Cinnamon Bun, Milky Way and S'mores. It's definitely the perfect treat to enjoy with friends on a hot summer night, or to treat yourself with next time cheat day rolls around! Whatever your reason for visiting the first time, you will definitely be back for more, much quicker than you think. 

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Another reason why everyone is obsessed with the place is because of the super Instagrammable wings they have on the storefront window, turning both their customers and their ice cream into angels sent from heaven.

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@nyakangchiekembedded via  

Hungry? Get in the car and get on down to 918 Centre Street N, before everyone finds out about this place and beats you to it!

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