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Hundreds Of Animals Need Homes In Calgary Right Now & It's Super Easy To Adopt

So many animals need homes during COVID-19. 🐱🐶
Calgary Animal Shelter Has Over 200 Animals & They're Needing Homes

If you're feeling lonely in self-isolation, why not adopt a fuzzy friend? With COVID-19, a bunch of animals have been abandoned and are in need of a home. While you can't go to the shelters right now, there's one Calgary animal shelter that's moving the process online so you can adopt while socially distancing.

The Calgary Humane Society (CHS) told us they have over 200 critters ready for adoption, and they're trying to find them homes as quickly as possible.

That's why they, like some other shelters, took to virtual adoption.

"We are ensuring that all necessary safety protocols are being followed with all modified adoptions," CHS continued in a statement to Narcity.

The new process is super easy. Simply visit their website and pick out the critter that calls to you. Next, fill out a lifestyle survey for the type of animal you're adopting, take a scan or photo of the finished form, and email it to with the animal's name and reference number.

If they think you're a good fit, you'll be contacted in under 24 hours. They'll give you a more detailed interview over the phone, and confirm your current health status.

Finally, if all goes well, you'll be brought in for a meet-and-greet with your chosen pet. To keep social distance, only one person over 18 is allowed in at a time.

While dogs and cats are the most popular, CHS said they've plenty of other critters just as in need of a home.

"We have a number of bunnies, snakes, birds, and other animals that we are also hoping will find their forever homes during this time," they said.

The fees are different depending on the age and type of animal, but for cats it can go from $20 to $245. Fees for dogs range from $250 to $575. Check out their website for more info.

After COVID-19 hit, CHS has been taking in a bunch of new animals.

Animal Lawyer Victoria Shruff told Narcity that with COVID-19, people all over the world have been abandoning their animals over the fear that they could spread the virus.

Now more than ever, animal shelters need your help. It's the perfect time to open your heart and let them in.

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