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This New Spot In Calgary Sells Bubble Tea Inside Light Bulbs And You Gotta Try It ASAP

All food & bubble tea are $5 and under! 😱

Do you love bubble tea? If so you need to check out this Calgary bubble tea spot. 6A Snack bAr is a brand new Asian street food snack bar that sells bubble tea in adorable panda and light bulb cups!

6A Snack bAr just had their grand opening last week, but it is already causing a buzz with locals because of their delicious food and drinks! Plus this spot is super cheap! At 6A Snack bAr, all food items are just $5, desserts are $3.50, and non-alcoholic beverages are $3.50 - $5.00!

At 6A Snack bAr, they sell a variety of teas including Hong Kong-style tea and bubble tea, like Hong Kong honey lemon, panda pearls milk tea, or strawberry Yakult. Best of all you can get the drinks in Instagrammable cups like a light bulb or a panda bear!

The new snack bar came together when 6 friends decided to create a restaurant that sells their favourite food from their school days in Asia. The menu is inspired by food they enjoyed at their school cafeterias, street food carts, and their favourite childhood restaurants.

At 6A Snack bAr you can enjoy curry fish balls, udon, spring rolls, imitation shark fin soup, chicken wings, steam buns, rice rolls and more! With every dish costing only $5, you can eat well on a budget.

The casual setting is perfect for a quick bite of food, but the owners of the snack bar also encourage you to chill with your friends too. It is located at #10B 6219 Centre Street NW, and open every day from 11 am till 11 pm.

6A Snack bAr

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Asian street food and bubble tea

Address: #10B 6219 Centre Street NW, Calgary, Alberta

Why you need to go: It has a super cheap menu with most items under $5!