It's Baby Rabbit Season In Calgary And They're Taking Over The Empty City (PHOTOS)

This town belongs to the bunnies now.
Calgary Bunnies Are Taking Over & There Are So Many Hopping Around (PHOTOS)

Easter's over but rabbits are still out in force all over the city. And with everyone indoors, the little fellas are taking full control of the town. These Calgary bunnies are simply adorable; just remember to leave the babies alone.

Every year around April, the rabbits come out in force. And with all the people gone inside lately, they've taken over the city.

Pictures of fluffy bunnies are hopping all over social media. On Saturday, April 25, a Reddit post on /r/Calgary blew up with over a thousand upvotes when they showed at least six rabbits hanging out around a closed playground.

"Interestingly, they weren't running off when I approached. One even did a flop (rabbits only do this when completely comfortable and happy)," reads a comment by the poster.

"I think the children will have a fight on their hands trying to take it back."

Calgary's rabbit population started off a lot like Vancouver's, with people letting their pets go in the city, according to the CBC.

Over time, they've grown into a stable colony of bunnies, some of which are extremely tame and comfortable with humans. You can find them in Lindsay Park, or at your local closed playground apparently.

While some of these are jackrabbits, a type of hare found across North America, others are much smaller and came from posh lives of comfort as someone's pet.

But remember, just because they might have originally been pets doesn't mean you should feed or touch them.

Whenever spring and hits, the critters take off and breed like rabbits. There's always a ton of bunnies to be found around that time.

But just because there's a ton of adorable babies everywhere doesn't mean you should go around touching them. Even if they look like they need your help.

According to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Protection, jackrabbits often leave their young unattended after giving birth, sometimes for long periods.

"Remember, if you see young jack rabbits on their own, please leave them right where they are as their mother will be back (hopefully) to look after them," wrote the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Protection on Facebook.

There are so many rabbits in need of homes, the Calgary Humane Society even had an emergency adoption event.

So instead of looking at the wild bunnies outside, why not bring one home?

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