Are you an ancient Roman emperor, a billionaire superhero, or Drake? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, this might just be your crib. This Calgary castle/anthropology museum hybrid looks straight out of ancient Rome, and it has got statues for days!

Located just 25 minutes from downtown Calgary, but distant enough to be away from the city's hustle and bustle, this absolutely enormous property is part-museum, part-home.

With 8,800 square foot of space, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and an indoor pool, this palace is literally fit for a king (or a Roman emperor).

Nestled in the prestigious community of Watermark, the fully gated estate is set right next to a gorgeous lake, in full view of the distant mountains.

Just the landscaping of the property itself is worth over $650,000. Eek!

You can't get classier than the Roman-inspired interiors, complete with marble statues and doric columns. Despite its looks, however, the tech is modern with a capital M. In fact, this pad is equipped with an automation system valued at over $200,000.

Featuring a full bar and wine cellar, games room, in-house theatre, and so much more, this castle has more rooms than I have dollars.

It doesn't just fit you and your royal court either; the palace comes with full service staff quarters too, because why wouldn't it?

You and your secret society of cultists can sleep in peace here too, because the security is state-of-the-art.

Featuring 360 degree security camera coverage, "contact & glass breaks, motion & flood sensors, & monitored smoke detectors," this is a bona fide modern castle with all the luxuries and safety that comes with it.

With more than enough space, grandiosity, and probably secret corridors to start your own school of witchcraft and wizardry, this is the perfect home for any prospective eccentric gazillionaire.

Louvre-Like Castle

Price: $3,999,000 

Address: 132 Waterside Court, Rural Rocky View County, AB

Description: Probably the most over-the-top "house" there is in the Calgary area, this castle could moonlight as an art gallery.

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