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Calgary COVID-19: The City Says You Still Can't "Chill At The Homies Crib"

Now that Alberta is about to begin opening up, people are beginning to make plans. While things like restaurants, bars, and parks will soon be ready for public visitors, Calgary's COVID-19 precautions have caused officials to make a public announcement stating that now is not a time to “chill at a homies crib.” To get their point across, the City posted a Q&A video on Twitter. 

The Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced recently that Alberta would begin reopening on Thursday, May 14

This means that bars, restaurants, and some non-essential businesses will be opening their doors to the public once more. Though, there will be health and safety parameters they must follow.

While physical distancing and personal cleanliness measures are in place, it will now be acceptable to leave the house and start to do some of life's normal tasks again. 

But even though the province is opening up, the City of Calgary is stating that people should not be “chilling at the homies crib.” Their grammar, not ours. 

In a video posted on the City of Calgary Twitter, an official with the city stated that now is not the time to hang out with friends. 

Despite things like hiking trails and camping sites opening up, going to hang out with your friends in their homes should still be considered off-limits. 

“We all want to hang out with our homies. Now is just not the right time. Now is the time to maintain physical distancing and keep up the hard work we’ve been doing,” said the city official. 

While we are not allowed to hang out in a friend's house, Mayor Naheed Nenshi did note in a public COVID-19 update that we could have outside visits. 

During the Friday, May 1, update, Nenshi noted there are only five main reasons to be leaving the house which included going to get groceries or working. 

The mayor noted that if we were to see people it would need to be in a safe manner and that doesn't mean having drinks with buddies all night. 

“Brief socially distanced visits are okay and they should be outdoors not indoors,” said the mayor. 

He also suggested that we could physical distance while getting fresh air by visiting friends at the end of driveways or going for a distant walk. 

During another update on Tuesday, May 5, Nenshi publicly posed several questions to Jason Kenney and questioned if it was too early to be opening the province. 

Nenshi was proud of the work that the majority of Calgary residents have been doing to stay safe but he had heard of some people not following the rules and acting as if things are back to normal. 

Data posted by the provincial website reads that there are 6,017 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alberta. So far, 3,809 people have recovered. 

Over 174,000 people have been tested for the disease

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