Dining and dashing is literally every server's worst nightmare. But it looks like everyone in the service industry is looking out for one another by putting one Canadian man on blast. According to viral social media post, one Calgary cowboy has been a serial dine and dasher – so much so that people are being warned about him. 

According to a Facebook post by Kelly Mandeville, a cowboy has been seen entering restaurants all across Calgary and then promptly leaving when the bill comes. 

Since she has shared pictures of the cowboy online, many people have reached out to Mandeville saying they have seen him before. 

The Facebook post claims his name is Michael McDonald and he is from Lac La Biche. But according to the Calgary Sun, he often uses fake names and stories while in restaurants all over Calgary.

Mandeville has stated that her encounter with him resulted in him stealing her phone and walking out on his tab. During her encounter, she was seated next to him when they chatted for around 40 minutes. 

At one point he left to use the washroom and never returned. That is when she realized her phone was gone. She quickly contacted the Calgary police. 

Mandeville claims that she already knows of at least eight restaurants in Calgary that have had similar encounters with the man. After posting about him on Facebook, the hashtag #FindMichaelMcDonald emerged and gained popularity on Twitter. 

According to a similar post by 1600 World Bier Haus, “Mike” walked out on his bill after saying his fiancé and both his parents died. He also said he was stood up for his birthday.

Some of the comments on Madneville’s post are from fellow servers who have encountered him. All of the stories end with Mike magically disappearing from his bill. 

The totals of each bill he has walked out on are unknown, however, the Calgary Sun has confirmed that at least one bill was over $100. 

In many cases, it is the server's responsibility to pay for the tab should someone dine and dash.