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Calgary E-Scooters Are Officially Back & Locals Think It's A Really Bad Idea

It turns out e-scooters can create quite the controversy during a pandemic. Calgary has officially relaunched the shared eclectic scooter program in the city. While some people may be excited about this return, many residents are saying that bringing back Calgary e-scooters this summer is a total mistake. People have been voicing their opinions all over Twitter and they aren’t holding back. 

The City of Calgary announced on Friday, May 22, that the city would be welcoming back e-scooters. 

“With warmer weather here, and more people spending time outside, shared electric scooters provide an additional transportation choice while adhering to social distancing requirements,” wrote the City of Calgary. 

By working with Alberta Health Services, the city was able to bring 150 scooters per company fleet back to Calgary. The scooters will be available from Friday, May 22, to Monday, June 22. 

This trial will be monitored closely by the local administration and scooter fleet numbers have the potential to increase after the one month period is over. 

The city noted that other big cities including Toronto and Vancouver have been using shared bike systems throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“These bikeshare systems have been very popular, provided a safe transportation option, and have not been connected to COVID-19 transmission cases,” said the City of Calgary.

Two scooter companies, Bird and Lime, operate in Calgary. The city says that each company's fleet can have 150 scooters. 

A statement from Stewart Lyons, CEO of Bird Canada was shared with Narcity, reading: "We're very excited to be back in Calgary. We've spent a ton of time working with Alberta Health Services and the City of Calgary to come up with an approach that doesn't provide an overly false sense of security and similar to what people see today in dealing with a grocery cart or a door handle of a public building."

The statement continued to say "we're just happy to be providing an alternative transportation option that enables social distancing." 

The e-scooter sharing system will work in a similar fashion to bike shares and will have similar risks. 

Since these scooters are shared, people are responsible for wiping them down before and after. 

Every rider is also asked to maintain physical distancing while riding. 

Ever since the city announced this relaunch, people have been expressing their disappointment and straight-up disapproval on Twitter. 

An overwhelming amount of people believe that this is a bad idea in light of COVID-19. 

One person even called it “insane” that the city would allow the scooters to return right now.

Another called the e-scooters a “host colony for the virus.”

While most of those posting were not thrilled about the decision, some people did espresso excitement to see the scooters back in action and are even posting pictures of them. 

The scooters are now up and running and while there are hefty fines or those who operate the vehicles a reckless manner, the city has not specified about any fines for not cleaning the scooters. 

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