Calgary Fire's Lip-Synch To "Stand By Your Pan" Is So Bad It's Amazing (VIDEO)

This should never have happened but we're so glad it did
Calgary Fire's Lip-Synch To "Stand By Your Pan" Is So Bad It's Amazing (VIDEO)

This is a public service announcement. The Calgary Fire Department has released a lip-sync video and you need to drop everything and watch it right this instant. Their “Stand By Your Pan” cover of what was originally “Stand By Your Man” by the Tammy Wynette was released by the City of Calgary on October 7, 2019, and we’re still not sure how to feel.

The wacky music video is wholesome, cute, and cringey all at once. If you’re wondering what the deal is with the pan puns, we’ve got your answer. Since it’s currently Fire Prevention Week which runs from October 6 to 10, 2019, the Calgary Fire Department has decided to raise awareness surrounding kitchen fires. “The greatest cause of indoor fire in Calgary happens in the kitchen,” reads the Fire Prevention Week 2019 page on the city’s website.

Naturally, Calgary Fire opted to spread this message through sweet, sweet musical theatre. If you've ever wondered what a group of firefighters looks like lip-syncing and playing pans as guitars, wonder no longer, we've got the goods. 

Prepare yourself, it's weird. You may not be able to sit through the whole thing, but you will walk out with some serious inspiration to never leave your cooking pans unattended. Without further adieu, here it is.

The video kicks off with some good old fashioned off-time lip-syncing. Soon, the whole squad joins in. You see hazmat suits, guys sliding down the fire pole, running on a treadmill, and more off-time singing and dancing. Also, we’ve got the massive dalmatian mascot, Lucky. All the while, everyone has at least on pan in hand. 

Don’t worry, this musical masterpiece isn’t the only information circulating for Fire Prevention Week. The City of Calgary has released an entire webpage explaining how to prevent cooking fires, what to do when they occur, smoke alarm advice, and more.

Because we’re not exactly sure how to feel, we decided to see how the internet is reacting. Judging by the Twitter comments on the video, people are in full support. “Nice reminder…well done CFD,” wrote one Calgary woman. “Well done, nice to see we have a sense of humour,” said another. Some users said the song was catchy, and some commended Calgary Fire for their cute way of keeping people safe.

If you're not inspired to stand by your pan, you should probably watch the video a few more times. If you are, might as well watch it again, anyway!

Calgary Fire has been hustling with house fires, playground fires, and city-wide campaigns. The least we can do is give their cute little video a share, right?