Calgary Flames Captain Might Play Tonight After 9 Games Out & Fans Are Over The Moon

Mark Giordano is going to make a "game-time" call!
Calgary Flames' Captain Might Play Tonight After 9 Games Out & Fans Are Over The Moon

Flames fans are crossing their fingers before the big game against the Boston Bruins tonight. Their captain, top defenceman, and legendary player Mark Giordano could make his return to the ice after having been out for nine games with a hamstring injury. The Calgary Flames will also include their two new players in the line-up as they hope to make a final push for the NHL playoffs. 

The last few games have been a chaotic mixed bag, but that doesn't mean there isn't something to look forward to for the Flames fans. 

Flames coach Geoff Ward would not confirm whether Giordano's inclusion in tonight's line-up at Boston's TD Garden is official. "It'll be game-time, but he's getting close," he told NHL

He also confirmed that Giordano took part in the morning skate, and has been travelling with the team on their five-game road trip. 

The Flames' general manager added, "You wouldn't bring him unless there's a possibility of him playing." 

The Flames are neck and neck with the Arizona Coyotes, with both sitting at 70 points in the Pacific Division. They're competing with the Coyotes to get the first wild card into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

So the situation is a little tense, to say the least.

The YYC hockey team has had an eventful season so far, from their intense games with the Edmonton Oilers to their fans getting into a brawl with the Montreal Canadiens' fans. 

The possibility of Giordano donning his skates has sent fans into celebration online. People have taken to Twitter to react, speculate, or just straight up party ahead of the upcoming game. 

One Twitter user was more than desperate to have the captain back on the ice, and they sum it up in three words: "WHATEVER IT TAKES."

Another user hedged their bets on Giordano making an immediate impact on the game with the hashtag "#Flames1stGoal."

One fan just posted a very cute and expressive gif about how they were feeling about the captain's possible return. 

Another fan was pumped up for the game and wanted the boys to get the win for their beloved captain. 

One fan posted a GIF of Giordano celebrating on the ice, using all caps to convey their excitement. 

Someone was so sure that the captain is coming back that they're ready to strategize pairings for tonight's game. 

Someone else posted a lovely tribute to the captain, calling him a "classy" and "honest" player. 

The celebrations did not stop there.

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In addition to Giordano's possible return to the ice tonight, fans will also be hoping to catch a glimpse of their latest acquisitions.

Derek Forbort and Erik Gustafsson both joined the team on trade deadline day, and tonight's game will be a test to see how they fare in this team. 

All in all, a very exciting day for Flames fans. And it could be even better with a sweet win over the Boston Bruins.