Playoff games in Calgary are like an adrenaline shot right to the core of the city. This year has been a solid season, so fans are naturally excited to begin celebrating the playoffs. The Flames have a pretty good chance of taking this all the way. Get excited because the Calgary Flames are hosting the Red House Playoff Launch Party tomorrow!

This season, party like you're part of the team with countless insane parties unlike anything on the Red Mile. Head to the Big Four Roadhouse on Stampede Park for the official NHL Playoff Launch Party tomorrow on Thursday, April 11. Watch the game with thousands of die-hard fans. Food and drinks will be available all night, so you can celebrate after a win, or eat your feelings if they lose. 

This party doesn't stop when the Zamboni clears the ice! After all the board bashing, stick handling and Gaudreau gushing, enjoy live music, and win some insane prizes.

The first and most infamous party of all is the Red House Playoff Launch Party. The beloved event will take place in the Big Four Roadhouse at Stampede Park to kick off the Flames' first-round series. 

Tickets for the Red House Playoff Launch Party are only $10 dollars, with proceeds going towards the Flames Foundation, and are still available at  with promo code "VIEWING." All Guests must be 18 or over. 

During the party, they'll have tons of live entertainment from Smalltown DJs to The Dudes to Terry Cahill.

All playoff games will be celebrated and viewed at Lot 3 in Stampede Park. The Red Lot Community Viewing Party is completely free and each home game will be broadcasted on an enormous big screen in the parking lot so you and your friends can watch with a beer in hand. 

The parties begin three hours before puck drops so the times will vary depending on the start time of each game. Along with the viewing, there will be live music, prizes, interactive stations and tons of food and drinks!

For more information on the events, site map or complete playoff game schedule visit the official Calgary Flames Website.