By now everyone's got their quarantine hobbies more or less figured out. Some are baking bread, while others are getting adorable pedicures from their young daughters. Calgary Flames star Milan Lucic was caught doing just that on Tuesday, May 16. Seeing photos of a sports star letting his daughter paint his toenails is a whole new level of cute. 

The Calgary Flames posted two photos of the at-home spa day. One photo featured Lucic lying back on a couch with a small dog in his lap. His daughters can be seen working on his feet in a pedicure bowl. 

The second photo shows the result of their efforts. You can see Lucic's toenails have been painted with an eclectic mix of blue and pink. 

The caption first reads, "Milan Lucic," with the hashtag "GirlDad." 

The next part reads, "The big man got a new look thanks to his daughters." 

Quarantine makeovers are a thing. But left winger Milan Lucic was probably the last person you were expecting to get a beauty transformation in the middle of the pandemic. 

Just because he plays hockey doesn't mean he can't practice self-care in his downtime. In fact, everyone should take a page out of his book and do the same. 

Though he's from Vancouver, Lucic has been lending his talents to Alberta teams in recent years. 

He played for the Edmonton Oilers for three years before getting traded to the rival Flames in 2019. 

Just another reason why the rivalry among the two teams remains as heated as ever.  

Lucic isn't shy about sharing adorable snaps of his family on social media. Alongside two daughters, he and his wife also have a young son. 

In a video posted on April 17, he was seen doing a hockey card contest with his daughter. In another video, he was seen playing hockey with his toddler son and even cheering him on when he scored a goal. 

If that isn't dad goals, we don't know what it is. 

Lucic isn't the only player exploring new hobbies during quarantine.

Canucks' player Elias Pettersson attempted some trick golf shots. Meanwhile, Bo Horvat has been cuddling his dog way more now that he's home. 

If nothing else, self-isolation is proving to be a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with the family.