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The Calgary Flames Cuddled Adoptable Puppies Before Saturday's Game To Destress (PHOTOS)

Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload. The Calgary Flames met a bunch of adorable adoptable puppies right before a big game over the weekend. This interaction wasn't just cute, it actually had lots of psychological benefits including destressing. The Calgary Flames puppy pictures of the large players with the tiny dogs are so adorable that we simply had to share them with you.  

The Calgary Flames are loved by many, especially right here in YYC. And while they have all the support of their fans, the stress of playing a professional sport is still very real. 

That’s why the Flames teamed up with the Cochrane and Area Human Society to bring some stress relief to the players. 

According to the NHL website, 16 puppies between the ages of six and nine weeks were brought into the Scotiabank Saddledome on, January 10, as part of an effort to raise awareness for pet adoption and stress relief. 

The adorable interaction was one day prior to a big game against the Edmonton Oilers. Needless to say, the boys probably needed a little relaxation assistance.

The 11 Retriever mixes and five Husky mixes are beyond adorable and are all up for adoption. Not only are they tiny and sweet, but they've also been cuddled by the Flames.

According to the NHL website, the interaction between the players and the dogs was incredible and filled with mischief.  

Janine Rossler with the Cochrane and Area Human Society told the NHL that when the payers reach out to pet or snuggle with puppies, there is a visceral reaction that is calming and euphoric. 

"The players are under a lot of stress and we definitely recognize that. If we can be part of a little bit of stress relief for them, we're so happy and fortunate to be part of that,” said Rossler.

The wonderful thing is that you can relive these cute interactions every day. 

The Flames and the human society partnered up to create a Calgary Flames 2020 Pet Calendar. 

Each month is a different player with an adorable dog that will literally melt your cold, Calgarian heart. 

It looks like the destress actually worked because that night, the Flames went on to beat the Oilers four to three. 

Maybe these little balls of fur are the team's good luck charms. 

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