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You Can Get Extreme Caesars Topped With Burgers At This Brand New Calgary Spot

Why aren't all meals served atop cocktails?

Everyone knows that a good old fashioned Caesar is the classic Canadian cocktail. Not only is it bright red and patriotic, but you literally cannot get it anywhere else. Just try going to a bar in the United States for example and they won't even know what "clamato" juice is. There's a brand new Calgary giant Caesar spot where you can get your favourite drink topped with all manner of snacks and fixings and it's pretty extreme.

Social Beer Haus opened in September in Calgary and they're serving up a seriously gut-busting caesar that only the truest of Canadians could ever hope to finish. They say that they're they only Texas Style BBQ spot in Calgary and that's why you'll see everything from pulled pork sandwiches and cajun fried shrimp on their menu. It's the giant Caesars that have us salivating, though.

Calgary is basically patient-zero for the clamato craze. According to local legend, the first Caesar ever served was mixed up in 1969 by a bartender at The Westin in Calgary. With this urban myth in place, it's no wonder that Calgary is home to giant Caesar and pop-up Caesar bars.

There are three different kinds of extreme Caesars you can order: the Social Haus Extreme Caesar, the Texas Shark Caesar and the Cowtown Carnivore Caesar. Each one serves up food on top of a 2 oz. vodka Caesar and they're so giant and decadent that we're not sure if we're meant to share them or not.

The Social Haus Extreme Caesar is the most ambitious cocktail in the whole place. It's $29.75 and comes with a bacon cheeseburger, fried pickles, and hushpuppies. Plus, there are little baby pork and beef sliders perched on top for good measure.

The Texas Shark Caesar is definitely for seafood lovers. It's swimming with marinated baby shrimp, topped with fried cajun prawns and cocktail prawns.

If you're missing all the fried delights from Stampede, then you should order the Cowtown Carnivore Caesar because it comes topped with corn dog bites and freshly fried beignets plus little pulled pork and beef sliders.

Treat yourself after a long work week and celebrate what makes Calgary and Canada so great raising your glass (carefully) to this amazing Caesar creation!

There are also spots in Vancouver where you can get your meal served on top of a Caesar. Also, Toronto is not to be left out since they have an insane towering Caesar spot!

Social Beer Haus

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Texas Style BBQ

Address: 220 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Drink the most Calgary drink ever in the most Calgary way ever with a giant Caesar topped with food.

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