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Calgary Graduation Ceremonies Are Now Happening As Drive-Thrus This June

"New Normal" is the new black. Every day we're seeing new and creative ways that people are navigating life as we know it, social distancing and all. Most recently, some 2020 high school graduates have decided to make their graduation a drive-thru. Even though many official Calgary graduation ceremonies have been cancelled, some students are getting together anyway to throw an epic drive-thru grad event. 

This unusual but awesome ceremony is being called "Drive-Thru Grad 2020" and all the details are laid on the event webpage.

Basically, instead of walking across the stage and getting their diplomas in person, the grads will be in their cars the whole time. 

According to the route map, there will be scheduled stops for posing in fancy wear, slipping on caps and gowns, and then getting diplomas at a "virtual presentation." 

The virtual presentation will also be broadcasted through an Instagram live feed. 

So the class of 2020 will be doing all of the grad ceremony traditions in one go without even leaving their cars. 

The unique event is being organized by locals, businesses, and venues who are "rallying together" to celebrate the class of 2020. 

The tentative date for the first of the grad ceremonies is June 15, 2020. More details about the schedule are being worked out right now. 

These details will be announced near the end of May and all of your burning questions about graduation with a side of social distance will be answered.

According to the organizers, students graduating from listed schools in the Calgary Board Of Education (CBE) likely have no other way to celebrate graduation.

The board has cancelled all ceremonies, so if students were getting amped to walk across the stage in their caps and gowns, this might just be the next best thing. 

Apparently, the CBE has not sanctioned the event, so unlike other regular ceremonies, there will be no teachers or principals around. 

In addition to CBE students, Catholic and Charter school students also have the option to join in on the peak 2020 fun. 

Right now, the event is focused on schools inside the Calgary area.

However, the event's organizers explain on the website that if there are enough email inquiries from particular schools in the immediate area outside Calgary, then opportunities will be made available for those eager grad families too. 

This will also be announced near the end of May, and it's totally dependent on the email response the organizers receive. 

At the moment, the organizers have mostly directed their efforts to high school students but in the coming weeks and months, they will reaching out to Calgary universities and colleges to get their thoughts on the drive-thru grad. 

Organizers say "this project meets all requirements for Drive-In Events laid out by Alberta Health Services."

Drive-thru experiences are now the go-to way of 2020. From checking out animals at the zoo to taking part in food festivals, it seems that grad ceremonies are the next thing to take place on four wheels. 

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