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The Calgary Humane Society Is Hosting Yoga Sessions With Cats, Wine & Cheese

It's called meow-ga and it sounds purr-fect.

If you’re in Calgary and are looking for something special to do next weekend - you are in luck! In fact, the Calgary Humane Society is putting on a cat yoga event so purr-fect, it would be almost impossible to turn it down. The special experience has four major parts to it: Kittens, Yoga, Cheese, & Wine. Say no more, right?!

Posting on the Calgary Humane Society official website, the animal charity announced they would be holding a ‘MEOW-GA’ (like yoga- but with cats) session in Calgary. The page said, “We decided to take two incredible things like kittens and yoga to create the ultimate exercise and relaxation experience.”

 If that didn’t sound paw-some enough, the experience doesn’t end there. After doing a bit of meow-ga with kitties crawling all over you, the shelter is offering a completely free wine and cheese tasting session. Delicious! What could be more relaxing on your weekend off than the delightful combination of furry friends, yoga, cheese, AND wine! 

After the class and the tasting session, attendees will also be invited to take a tour around the Calgary Humane Society (CHS), to see the wonderful animals they are currently homing. Of course, if you head to the event for kittens and yoga, and return home with a couple of new furry friends- even better, right?!

According to the CHS website, the “All-Restorative” yoga class will last approximately 60 minutes and will be taught by Sandra Escobedo. Even better, there will be a whole hour afterward to enjoy wine, snacks, cheese and to take a tour of the Calgary Humane Society. The best part? 100% of the proceeds will go to the animals living at CHS!

If you don’t want to be suffering from the biggest F.O.M.O. in the world, it is suggested you book the class ASAP, as they will be limited to just 15 people! The next session is scheduled to be on August 9th, between 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

You can book your place at the event by contacting the CHS. Their full contact details can be found here!

For those wishing to attend the next meow-ga sessions, in their terms and conditions, the CHS notes that:

  • Participants must bring their own mats

  • Participants must be 16 or older to attend class

  • Must be 18 or older to consume alcohol (with valid ID)

  • Long pants are strongly recommended (those claws are sharp!)