Moe, the adorable nine-year-old German Shepherd-cross, shot to fame earlier this week when a heartwarming video of him finally finding his forever home at the Calgary Humane Society (CHS) went viral on Twitter.

After 124 days of waiting in the shelter for his forever-family, Moe was adopted on Monday. To celebrate this moment, CHS posted an emotional tribute to Moe on Twitter, wishing him well in his new home.

Despite his adoption-video going viral, things didn’t work out for Moe and his new family. He has found himself back at the shelter, awaiting another chance.

The video of Moe, posted on Monday by the Calgary Humane Society, went viral on Twitter, reaching 42,500 views in the first few days. According to a report from Global News, the video has now been watched more than 1.4 million times.

The post that accompanied the video said, “We're not crying, you're crying. After 124 days waiting we are beyond happy to see Moe go to his forever home. Everyone at CHS is sure going to miss him, but this sweet boy deserves the best life and we know he's going to get it!”

The video shows a very happy and excited Moe leaving the shelter, saying "Goodbye" to all of the shelter staff along the way. Within minutes of the video being posted, Canadians across the country took to Twitter to express how moving the video of Moe was with a number of users saying that the video brought tears to their eyes.

Sadly for Moe, things haven't quite worked out the way everyone had hoped.

On Friday afternoon, Calgary Humane Society confirmed that Moe had ended up back at the shelter, as things simply were not a perfect match in his new home. Speaking to Global News, CHS staff member, Phil Futon, said, “It happens. If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay.”

Rather than focusing on what didn’t work in Moe’s previous adoption, Futon, accompanied by an adorably chilled Moe, explained what CHS was looking for in a perfect home for Moe.

He said, “[Moe] is a perfect companion if you’re looking for a buddy to pal around with. He jumps in the truck, easy peasy, loves to ride around with you. Loves to be around people. He’s a really healthy nine-year-old.”

While Moe is desperate for a human family to love, CHS is looking for a home that doesn’t have any other pets as Moe would be best suited being the only dog in the house.

Futon also noted that “He’s got so much spunk and vitality, he needs a home that can provide him with plenty of exercise and stimulation. He thrives off human interaction.”

Like all of us, no dog is 100 percent perfect. Moe does have some minor issues walking on a leash, being ‘uncharacteristically strong,’ says Futon. For the time being, Moe will be going home with a specialized foster parent who will be working with him on his leash, hoping to improve his walking-skills.

Despite the heartbreak of Moe being brought back to CHS, Futon emphasised, “Sometimes it doesn't work out, and that’s okay. We’re looking for the best fit.”

For more information on Moe, and other pets like him, you can visit the CHS website.