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Calgary Humane Society Is Having An "Emergency Adoption Event" For Cuddly Bunnies

You'll even get to take home a bunny kit!
Calgary Humane Society Is Having An Emergency Bunny Adoption Event Right Now

If you’re looking for the pick of the litter then look no further. The Calgary Humane Society is holding an emergency bunny adoption right now. Life can be stressful, so why not get a low maintenance furry friend to hang out with you? All adopted rabbits will even come with a starter kit so if you’re new to the rabbit game, no worries. 

People love rabbits so much that there is even an adorable bunny cafe opening up in Vancouver this spring

While it’s fun to do yoga with the little guys, we can't help but think about having one to call our own. 

Luckily for us, the Calgary Humane Society is having a massive adoption festival right now. 

From today, Thursday, February 6 until Sunday, February 10, the emergency adoption event is attempting to get a bunch of rabbits into some amazing homes in Calgary and surrounding areas.

All the rabbits are up for adoption and when we say they are seriously adorable, we aren’t lying. 

According to an Instagram post by the Humane Society, it’s super easy to adopt. All you need to do is choose your own adoption price on any rabbit.

Once you pick out your new best friend and pay for them, you will receive a starter kit that is full of bunny supplies. 

This kit will ensure your new fur baby has everything they need to feel comfortable in their new home. 

The Calgary Humane Society explained that this adoption event is an emergency due to the society being way overcapacity. 

While rabbits may not be your typical house pets, they do make great companions. 

From their squishy little noses to their soft, cuddly fur, these laidback animals can be a great addition to your family. 

If you’re new to owning a rabbit, everything will be just fine. 

The humane society has tons of tips and tricks on their website to help you navigate their behaviour. 

By the looks of their Facebook post, there is a lot of interest in adopting the little cuties already. So if you are looking to elevate the cuteness level of your home, you may want to act fast. 

Right now, you can look up what animals are needing to be adopted at the shelter. From cats and dogs to birds and exotics, they have it all. 

According to their adoption list, there are 20 bunnies that need loving homes. 

With names like Piglet, Fern, Happy Monkey Buns, and Cloud, how can you not fall in love?

The Calgary Humane Society proudly calls themselves a no-kill shelter since 2013. This means that every animal in their care will stay with them until they are adopted. 

This is not the first time the society has had a “clear the shelter” event. In order to generate interest, the society has held a half-price adoption events in the past. 

The humane society in our city works hard to do amazing things and they even supported Calgary as being the first city in Canada to have livestock be considered as emotional support animals

Emergency Bunny Adoption Event

Price: Pick your price

When: Now until Sunday, February 10

Address: 4455 110 Ave. S.E., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: If you're ready to add a furry friend to your home, this opportunity could not be more perfect. Your new family member awaits!

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