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Calgary Is Having A Massive Vegan Festival This Weekend

Beets, Beats, and Beers.

Get ready folks, because this Saturday June 16, Calgary is hosting a huge vegan lifestyle festival, and it's going to be awesome. Whether you're a vegan, interested in becoming vegan, are just looking for new and healthy meals to try out, or are simply looking for something to do this weekend, this festival is the perfect destination. 

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This is the second year of VegFest Calgary, and it's going to be bigger and better than last year's. What's all at this festival you ask? There's cooking demos, vendors, food trucks, a beer garden, and music. Everything at the festival is 100% vegan, plus it's dog friendly too!

One of the focal points of the festival is definitely the food. Yes, vegan food. It's pretty freaking unreal to be honest (and this is coming from a non-vegan). With vegan alternatives to classic street food dishes like taco salads, sloppy joes, and corn dogs, you'll really get to treat yourself (while still staying healthy)!

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Another highlight of the festival is the sweet vegan clothing you can find from a bunch of different vendors. You'll come home from the festival decked out in all new threads, guaranteed. 

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The festival is happening in Millennium Park, and will be running from 10am - 5pm. To view the event program and to find out which vendors and food trucks will be there, click here