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Calgary Is The First City In Canada To Allow Livestock As Emotional Support Animals

We’ve come so far in the battle with mental health.

It was just announced on Friday morning, that Calgary is the first city in Canada that will actually allow citizens to have livestock as emotional support animals. No, we're not joking. Calgarians are now free to apply to keep 'uncommon' pets in their homes for emotional support purposes.

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The decision was made almost unanimously, Monday, after many city council discussions, which began back in October of 2018. Last fall, the City of Calgary announced that they would initiate an application process where Canadians could have livestock, such as chickens, as emotional support animals on their property.

The decision was finally approved and Calgarian's can officially apply to have a pet chicken as a support animal for their mental health. We've all heard of dogs, cats and even peacocks as support animals, but this is the first time that a chicken will officially achieve the coveted support status in Canada.

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According to the Calgary Herald, the proposal was originally brought forward by a local woman after a plea made to a council member to keep her backyard hens- which helped her cope with a childhood trauma.

“This permit is part of The City’s commitment to supporting the mental health needs of Calgarians, as this furthers the mandate put forward in the Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction” reads the statement released by the city.

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The new ease in bi-law is majorly supported by the Calgary Humane Society, who have made suggestions along the way to ensure the safety and welfare of the animals chosen to be kept as pets.

In order to receive a permit, you must have a letter from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, a Veterinary contact with variety appropriate experience, and an alternative home for the animal – if in the event, for whatever the reason, your animal license is taken away.

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Don’t expect to see a chicken or miniature horse in a support animal vest at your local bar anytime soon, though. Owners who obtain licenses will be prohibited from bringing their animals into public places.