The Mayor Of Calgary Just Extended The Ban On Events Until September

Over 160 events have been cancelled.
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Calgary Just Extended The City's Ban On Events Until September

It looks like the entirety of summer is off-limits for events in Calgary. On the afternoon of April 24, Mayor Naheed Nenshi addressed the public in the latest COVID-19 update for the city. During that update, the Mayor stated that Calgary extended its ban on large gatherings until August 31, effectively cancelling over 160 events. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the Calgary mayor has been updating the public as much as possible on what is going on. 

During the April 24 update, the mayor stated in his opening remarks that the city is extending its event ban until August 31. 

This means that 166 events, including the Calgary Stampede, the Folk Festival, and tons of other events will be cancelled. 

Along with other staple events, Canada Day will also be cancelled. 

“There are sometimes tough parts of my job and that is around making really difficult decisions that I know will disappoint a lot of people,” said Nenshi. 

To clarify, he stated that the current rule from Alberta Public Health is that gatherings over 15 people are not currently allowed. 

Sports training camps, at this time, do not have an exemption for this.

Nenshi noted during a question period that he does not speculate being able to see locals enjoying football games at the Stampeeder's stadium this summer.

Mayor Nenshi clarified that the city will still celebrate Canada Day, though it will be in a different way. 

“We will celebrate it together as a country but physically apart,” he said. 

Since he does not know how exactly to do that, he is now asking the public to send in their social distancing ideas on social media. 

This can be done by using the hashtag #OCanadaYYC. You can also call 311 with your ideas.

Following the question period, the city's Chief of Emergency Management Agency, Tom Sampson, noted that permits for third party events set to be held on the City of Calgary property will be cancelled.

"We will continue to reevaluate the decision after August 31,” said Sampson.

“If I'm honest with you it's a longer chunk time than I was comfortable in declaring. But we knew you need to make plans and we knew you had commitments and you needed to understand what exactly is going on."

If you're wondering what to do this summer, you can start brainstorming some unique Canada Day suggestions for the city now. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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