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Calgary Just Moved A Step Closer To Bidding For The Olympics

Remember watching the Olympics earlier this year? That was just awesome to see wasn’t it? It was hard not to be swept up in all and cheer on team Canada. 

Well the city of Calgary seemed to catch that Olympic bug in a way that the rest of the country didn’t. As in it’s actually in the process of trying to decide if they want to host the Olympics in the next decade.

The city just approved a plebiscite on whether or not the city should bid for the games.  

Now if you don’t know what a plebiscite is you can think of it as a referendum. Basically the citizens of Calgary will be able to vote yes or no on whether or not the city should make a bid to host the Olympics in the year 2026. 

Ideally this vote would happen in the fall of this year after a community engagement plan is rolled out that will include things like social media outreach, webinars and community meetings.   

The vote will be non-binding, so even if people want the games the city can still decide not to bid and vice versa.

Calgary previously hosted the Winter Olympics back in the year 1988 so it does have previous experience with the games.

The last time a city in Canada hosted the Olympics was back in 2010 when Vancouver did it. 

The plebiscite isn’t guaranteed though because the city doesn’t know how much it would cost the city to hold the games. 

Right now the city thinks it would cost about 4.6 billion but will have a better idea in June of this year. 

Here’s hoping the cost isn’t too high. 

Source: Toronto Star

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