Do you have an old dusty instrument in the house you wish you knew how to play? You can master the guitar without needing to spend a dollar. Music classes can be expensive, but we found a way to get them for free with your Calgary Library card right from your living room.

You can get so much more than just free books. It gives you access to tons of perks like ArtistsWorks.

On that site, you'll find thousands of step-by-step video lessons led by world-class musicians. Without question, you can find an instrument and skill level to match your interest and ability.

To make it easy to follow along, you'll be able to access everything on your phone, smart television or tablet.

Need a quick refresher in playing the piano, or want the basics of playing the guitar, you'll find it on the site. After a few lessons, who knows you might be able to play your favourite song.

For a full list of everything you can enjoy, you'll want to head to the library's website. If you haven't already, make sure to sign up for your card today.

Even if you don't have any musical equipment in your house, you could opt for the complimentary vocal classes.

On top of that, you'll also get complimentary access to Gale, where you can master all sorts of topics.

It is packed with personal development lessons in drawing, cooking, music, photography, and more.

Or you can try one of the business-focused workshops to help you land that promotion you want at work.

For those of you wanting to pick up another language, you can do that too. 

You'll be able to utilize Rosetta Stone to master one of 30 languages available online.

Some of the options are Japanese, Spanish, Italian, which are available for beginner, intermediate or advance students.

Give Netflix a break and treat yourself to free music classes that you can take right from your couch.

Calgary Library

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: Your library card gets you tons of free lessons to help you master a new skill from your living room.