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Calgary's Largest Penthouse Is 2 Levels And Has Views Of The Entire City (PHOTOS)

This two-level penthouse is pure goals.

We love dreaming about the craziest and most decadent homes in Alberta. This massive Calgary luxury penthouse is pure house goals and we're already looking in the couch cushions for change because we want to save up. 

The home is listed for a cool $5.5 million. To buy this apartment would require a $1,100,000 deposit. Your typical 30-year mortgage means that you'll be paying about $21,006 a month. That's a little out of reach for your average millennial, who won't be able to afford a house until they're 80 years old.

This grim reality can't burst our bubble though and we love drooling over apartments we can't afford. We love this two-level penthouse in Calgary's Kensington area. You'll get four bedrooms and each one comes with its own walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom. The apartment has killer, unparalleled views of the city with floor to ceiling windows. With a wraparound terrace and three living rooms, this penthouse was made for parties.

There are many more cool features but words won't do them justice quite like the photos will. Here's a look inside one of Calgary's largest-ever penthouse apartments to see what we're missing out on:

Located in the top two levels of a modern building, the views from this apartment are insane. You would expect an outdoor terrace of this size to be shared with the building but it's all yours. 

Inside, the apartment is modern and bright. The only downside to this apartment is that there's only one fireplace. Other than that, it has basically everything you'd want in an apartment.

This massive two-level penthouse is practically a mansion atop an apartment building. It's perfect if you want the luxury of a mansion with the city life and a great view that comes from owning a penthouse. So far, we've only found lint in between our couch cushions but we'll continue to look for ways to save money and save up for a home like this one day. 

EZRA Penthouse

Price: $5,500,000

Address: #2701 1234 5 Ave. NW, Calgary, AB

Why You Need It: A two-level penthouse gives you plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy your expansive view of Calgary far below you.

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