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Man Films Himself Yelling “I Hope You Get Shot Tonight” At Calgary Police (VIDEOS)

Calgary Police say that the officers intervened when the man refused to pay his cab fare.
Man Films Himself Yelling “I Hope You Get Shot Tonight” At Calgary Police (VIDEOS)

Two Calgary police officers were the targets of an angry rant caught on video recently. A man filmed himself yelling at the two cops at a local gas station, then posted the clips to a public Instagram page on December 3. In one of the Calgary police gas station videos, the man behind the camera says "I hope you get shot tonight" to one of the officers. 

Narcity has since spoken with a Calgary police spokesperson, who told us that police intervened after the man was passed out in a cab and refused to pay his fare. 

In the first video, the man accuses the officer of breaking his arm. He says, “You broke my arm, so I hope you get shot tonight.” The officer replies, “That’s very nice of you” before the video ends. 

According to Asif Rashid, a District 4 Inspector at the Calgary Police Service, the videos capture only a “fleeting moment” of the interaction. 

Rashid states that officers were called to a gas station to deal with a male that was reportedly passed out in the back seat of a taxi. 

The taxi company called the police, and when officers arrived on the scene, he was asleep. Officers were able to revive the man, but evidently, he was not happy. Rashid says that he refused to pay his fare. 

The man eventually agreed to pay the fare but seemed upset that police were called to the scene. 

According to Rashid, a “verbal dialogue began,” which lead to the male making “unkind and unprofessional comments and recording the altercation.”

Narcity also spoke to the person who posted the videos. Going by the name of eastsidesizlack on Instagram, he claims that the officer tried to arrest him for no reason and hurt his hand.

He then stated that “the only way to protect yourself from cops is to record them otherwise they assault you.”

Rashid was proud of how the female officer handled the situation. “I’m proud of the professionalism and appropriate communication tactics, otherwise it could have had a different outcome. I’m confident with how she conducted herself,” he said to Narcity.

This is not the first time that someone filmed themselves in an altercation with law enforcement in Canada. Recently, a Canadian teenager filmed himself getting chased by RCMP in New Brunswick. 

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