Life's been weird lately and some recent police footage sums it up perfectly. In this case, the Calgary Police Service (CPS) got a pleasant surprise during one of their routine patrols. In a video posted on their social media account on Tuesday, April 7, it seems that their helicopter found a group of six women having a dance party at a totally acceptable social distance. 

We all know that meeting up with friends or family outside of your home has been restricted due to social distancing guidelines. But this awesome group of women in Alberta are showing us that it's still okay to have dance parties with your friends. 

As long as you're following physical distancing protocols, that is. The government has recommended that we stay at least two meters away from each other in public. 

Though it isn't always easy, these ladies are proving to be model citizens in terms of both following the rules and having fun along the way. 

A post on Calgary Police's account reads, "We see you Calgary! While we recommend staying home at all times to Flatten The Curve, if you are going to be outside please keep your distance from others." 

Then they proceeded to thank all the citizens that are staying home and these party people who are keeping their physical distance.

The video shows six cars parked in a circle. The women are standing by their cars and dancing wildly in what seems to be a really spread out dance circle. 

The video is dated March 29, 2020, and according to the time stamp, the dance party got going at around 3:49 p.m. Don't even try and tell us you couldn't use an afternoon dance party any day of the week.  

While most of us are used to having our dance parties captured on our Instagram stories, these ladies were fortunate enough to get recorded by chopper footage. Now that doesn't happen every day. 

In CPS's Facebook post, the police shed more light on the situation. They said that the helicopters routinely carry out patrols over the city for suspicious activity. 

But when they came upon a group of parked vehicles in a lot earlier in the week, there was nothing suspicious going on except a "midday dance party."

These ladies are showing the world how to make the most of being alone together.

"That is awesome," said one user in response to the post. 

A Facebook user also chimed in, saying "Kudos to them for following self distancing and still having fun doing it!!!" 

Another Facebook user said, "The only thing to make me smile in days." 

These ladies aren't the only ones keeping the morale going during the pandemic. From rooftop saxophone players to balcony DJs and local chalk artists, Canadians are lifting spirits any way they can.