Police Helicopter In Calgary Caught Officers Line Dancing While Social Distancing (VIDEO)

Control, we got a line dance going here. 🤠
Calgary Police Line Dancing At A Social Distance Parking Lot Party Caught On Video

Alberta is the only place in Canada where this would happen. A helicopter in Calgary caught officers from the Calgary Police line dancing. The social distance-friendly dance party was filled with impressive moves and anyone would love to have these officers as a dance partner.

On Thursday, April 16, Calgary Police service shared a video on their social channels showing what looks like two police officers line dancing in a parking lot with a group of locals. We're not even making fun — they have skills.

Cut with aerial helicopter footage and ground-level shots, the one minute video shows total coordination and really high kicks from both officers.

You might just want to plan your own at-home line dance after watching.

"COVID19 has changed the way we do things, but connecting with Calgarians is always important to us," reads the Facebook post.

"Staying apart and maintaining physical distancing didn't stop these officers from staying in step with these fantastic community members." And they did stay (mostly) in step as they pulled off a great coordinated routine.The City of Calgary has done a ton of fun things lately like drive-by birthday parades for kids and seniors to help keep things light during the pandemic. If we have one request, it's more line dancing cops.

Narcity has reached out to Calgary Police Service for comment and will update this story.

Alberta just had a record-breaking day during the pandemic where the number of COVID-19 cases increased to more than 2,000.

It's the perfect time to watch a video like this and be grateful for our front line workers for doing everything for us including giving us a laugh.

Calgary's Helicopter Air Watch for Community Safety has been on high alert lately looking for dancers. On Tuesday, April 7 the police helicopter caught footage of women who had parked their cars in a circle and had a dance party 6 metres apart.

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According to Canada's social distancing guidelines, it's best to stay home but if you do go out then try to keep some distance between you and your dance partner.

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